TitlePLUS Confirmed Lenders Chart
Instructions re lenders  Instructions re lenders


Send pre-closing Confirmation to Mortgage Lender?1

Approved Exceptions for Schedule "A"2

The following are defined for the purposes of this chart as "Standard Approved Exceptions". Where they apply, they do not need lender approval prior to release of funds:

  1. registered restrictions or covenants running with the land, provided there is no specific instance of non-compliance;
  2. minor easements for the supply of domestic utility or telephone services to the property or adjoining properties;
  3. easements for drainage, storm or sanitary sewers, public utility lines, telephone lines, cable television lines or other services which do not materially affect the present use of the property.

Send pre-closing Requisition for Funds?

Post-Closing Documents

Always use the TitlePLUS form of Final Report with the documents listed in this column unless stated differently below.

Glossary: "if provided" means "if provided by the lender for you to have executed".

Applicable for:

• Province(s)

• Transaction(s)

Regency Finance Corp.

Follow the lenderís own instructions.

None. Any exceptions to coverage (other than the lenderís own mortgage) must be approved by the lender in advance of closing.

Follow the lenderís own instructions.

  • Follow the lenderís own instructions.
• Alberta • Residential
• Nova Scotia • Residential
• Ontario • Residential
• Commercial
• Farm
• Prince Edward Island • Residential
1 Notwithstanding the individual lender instructions in this chart, the Confirmation is always required to be sent where additional inquiries or verifications (that is, beyond those demanded by the TitlePLUS program) are requested by the lender or you are asking TitlePLUS to "insure over" any title problems/outstanding issues. Additional instructions/"insure over" requests must be set out in a schedule and attached to Confirmation.
2 An "approved exception" must be included in Schedule "A", but you do not need specific lender approval for it. Schedule "A" may also always include the lender's own mortgage and any related security documentation without the need for approval.
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