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Frequently Asked Questions for TitlePLUS website issues

Preliminary questions to ask yourself:

  1. Are you using a PC or a MAC? Please note that our site only works with a PC using Windows 98-SE or newer.
  2. What browser are you using - is it Internet Explorer or Netscape? Please note our site only works with Internet Explorer.
  3. Which version of Internet Explorer are you using? Select Help, About Internet Explorer and look at the version number. It must be version 5.0 or higher.

The following are categories of frequently asked questions. Click on the category to see a list of specific problems and solutions.

FAQs are categorized into the following types:

Logging on

For further assistance or clarification of any items discussed below, please call the TitlePLUS Department at 1-800-410-1013 or LawyerDoneDeal Corp. at 1-800-410-1013.

Logging on Issues

I get an error message when I try to log-on, even though I am using Internet Explorer.
You must use a version of Internet Explorer that has 128-bit encryption (version 5.x or higher).

To check which version of Internet Explorer you are using, go to the “Help” menu, select “About Internet Explorer”, then look at the version number.

After I log-on, the next page is not fully loading. The message says “Page loading, please wait…” This message stays on the screen indefinitely.
Follow these steps to check your Internet Explorer settings:
1. In Internet Explorer, go to the “Tools” menu, then select Internet Options;
2. Click on the “Security” tab;
3. Click on the “Custom Level” button;
4. Scroll down in the Security Setting Window to “Scripting”;
5. Make sure all items under “Scripting” are enabled. In particular, make sure that “Active scripting” is enabled.

Check your pop-up blocker to ensure that pop-ups are always allowed for this site or disable your pop-up blocker (e.g., if you are using Windows XP with Service Pack 2, open Internet Explorer, go to Tools, then Pop-up Blocker, then choose Pop-up Settings to make sure that * is one of the sites listed, or choose Turn Off Pop-up Blocker (not recommended)).

I get a message saying “Already Logged In”.
To ensure that you do not have the security settings set too high, go to the “Tools” menu and select “Internet Options”, then click on the “Security” tab and select DEFAULT or MEDIUM.

I cannot log onto the site and I see a little red icon beside the padlock symbol at the bottom of Internet Explorer.
To ensure that Internet Explorer is not set to block all cookies, go to the “Tools” menu and select “Internet Options”, then click on the “Privacy” tab and select DEFAULT. If you do not want to select DEFAULT, the second highest setting should also work for our sites. If you have a CUSTOM setting, you should select ADVANCED and then ensure a checkmark is beside the “Always allow session cookies”.

I get a message saying “Invalid Login” when I try to enter my LSO/LAWPRO No. and password.
- Ensure that you type your LSO/LAWPRO I.D. and Password into the login fields correctly.
- Call the TitlePLUS Department at 1-800-410-1013 to confirm that you are a TitlePLUS subscriber.

When I try to log in, I get a message stating that there is a problem with the site security certificate. Specifically, it states:
1. Security certificate is from a trusted certified authority;
2. Security date is valid;
3. Name on the security is invalid or does not match the name of the site.
Do you want to proceed?
My options are “Yes”, “No” or “View Certificate”.
When asked “Do you want to proceed?”, select “Yes”. You will then be given the option to install, so click on “Install” to do so.

General Issues

I can’t find the application using the search function called “Open Existing TitlePLUS Application.”
This search function looks for the exact wording that you entered. Because of this, it might be easier to search with a client file number rather than a name.

Where do I find the “Due Diligence” section of the TitlePLUS application?
Click on the “+” (plus symbol) contained in the triangle to the left of the words “Due Diligence.”

How can I track payments to TitlePLUS or tell which client to bill from the monthly withdrawal?
- Check the Web Accounting Instructions in the Accounting drop-down or on the Main Page.
- Print the Invoice for each policy that you issue.

I received a fax/e-mail reminder about outstanding application(s). What should I do if I do not want the application(s)?
- If you started the application on, simply log into the Web site and delete the application(s).
- If the application was done as a Dial-in Policy (DIP), please contact the TitlePLUS Department to abandon the application.

Every time I request approval, I am getting red error messages.
- Read the comment in red. It should indicate what needs to be changed or added.
- Make sure that you include an Action (e.g., Remain Outstanding) for each item on the Action List.

Can a clerk/secretary obtain or create a password for the Web site?
- A LAWPRO password must be obtained by the lawyer.
- An Advanced User Access password can be set up for individual users. For more information, call LawyerDoneDeal Corp. at 1-800-363-2253.

I cannot find the lender in the Confirmed Lenders Chart.
The lender has not signed a Confirmed Lender’s Agreement with us. Type the lender name in manually and, prior to closing, confirm with the lender that it will accept TitlePLUS coverage.

There is a Guarantor for the mortgage, but there is no line for the Guarantor to sign the Acknowledgment & Direction.
Add a line manually.

I have created/added an exception in error from the Action List on titleplus.lawyerdone How can I remove this exception?
Delete the entire Schedule “A” wording, then press the “Save” button. For more detail, see “How to use the Action List” in the Due Diligence section of

I cannot find “TD Canada Trust” in the Confirmed Lenders Chart.
This is a marketing name. Confirm how the charge will be registered (e.g., The Toronto-Dominion Bank).

Can I use to apply for a farm, leasehold, commercial or OwnerEXPRESSTM policy?
No, these types of policies must be ordered as a phone or “dial-in” policy.

What is contained in the Purchaser Documents Package?
- Draft Policy
- Schedule “A”
- Collateral or Construction Endorsement(s), if applicable
- Acknowledgment & Declaration (make sure to attach Schedule “A”)
- Policy Issuance Summary

I have received pre-approval for a “single dwelling” on However, I have found out that there is a basement apartment. What should I do?
- Click on “Revoke” to revoke the approval of the application.
- Then, click on “View all defect types” in the Action List. Open the Multi-Unit Use folder and choose the appropriate items from the three subfolders.
- Re-submit the application for pre-approval.
- Once the application has been approved, re-print the TitlePLUS Acknowledgment & Direction, as it will now reflect this new information.

I am getting one signature line on the TitlePLUS Acknowledgment & Direction, but there are two or more people taking title.
Make sure that you have used “and” between each purchaser’s name in the “Name of Purchaser(s)” field (i.e., John Smith and Mary Smith, not John Smith & Mary Smith).

I am getting an error message regarding the “Plan” section of the “Legal Description” when I am doing a condominium transaction.
Make sure that the whole plan name is entered (e.g., enter “TSCP 123,” not “123”). It is not necessary to enter the word “Plan”.

The new mortgage is a line of credit (or a construction loan endorsement), but I am not getting the endorsement with the Draft Policy.
- Make sure that you picked your lender from the list, by clicking on the “…” box and choosing the lender name. If you have typed the lender name in manually, the endorsement will not appear.
- Note: these endorsements are only available for certain Confirmed Lenders. See the Confirmed Lenders Chart for more detail.

Can I change the “responsible lawyer” on the file by revoking the pre-approval?
No, the only way to change the responsible lawyer is to delete the application, then re-do the application with the correct lawyer.

Why can’t I see all of the questions that I answered when I go back into a policy that I already created?
The Web site is designed to close and expand certain sections of your policy. If you cannot see a question that you are looking for try clicking on the "+" signs. This will expand that section.

When I receive instructions from the TitlePLUS Department to make changes how do I unlock my policy so that it will allow me to make the changes?
In order to unlock a policy after you have requested pre-approval you need to click on the "revoke" button. This will not delete your policy it will just allow you to make changes. Once you have completed amending your policy, please remember to “submit for pre-approval” again.

If a TitlePLUS staff member instructs you to use the GoToAssist link, click here:

If a TitlePLUS staff member instructs you to use the GoToMeeting link, click here:

Printing Issues

I have issued a policy but I cannot print it because the option does not appear in the Documents menu.
Click on “Issued Policy.” It will open into Adobe Acrobat, where you will be able to print it.

I select a document to open and print, and Adobe Acrobat begins to open, but nothing else happens.
Find out the versions of the following that you are using:
. Adobe Acrobat;
. Internet Explorer; and
. Operating System (e.g., Windows XP)
If you have recently upgraded any, or all, of these programs, please call LawyerDoneDeal Corp. at 416-367-0600 or 1-800-363-2253.

When I select a document to open and print, I get the following message: “Error locating object handler. There is no viewer available for type of object.” Yet, I already have a version of Adobe Acrobat installed.
- Remove your version of Adobe Acrobat by using the Add/Remove Programs feature located in the Windows Control Panel
- Install Adobe Acrobat, version 6.x or higher for free from

I am using Internet Explorer, version 6, but my Adobe Acrobat window won’t shut down after printing or viewing and caused Internet Explorer to freeze or crash.
- Shut down Internet Explorer.
- Start Adobe Acrobat (by itself). Ensure that you are using Adobe Acrobat version 5.x or later.
- Select Preferences from the Edit menu.
- Select Options from the left side of the screen.
- From the Web Browser Options area, make sure that “Display PDF in Browser” is not checked.
- After closing Adobe Acrobat, start Internet Explorer again and obtain a document from titleplus.lawyerdonedeal. com.

I cannot print my documents. I get a message asking me to “Open with…”.
Check which version of Adobe Acrobat you are using.
- You may have Adobe Acrobat, version 4 or 5, installed. Version 6 of Adobe Acrobat may also work, depending on what operating system and version of Internet Explorer you use.
- If you are upgrading to a different version of Adobe Acrobat, uninstall the older version of Acrobat before installing the new one. To uninstall, use the Add/Remove Programs feature in the Windows Control Panel.
- If you continue to have problems,contact LawyerDoneDeal Corp. at 1-800-363-2253.

The Schedule “A” prints black with the word “DRAFT” being white (there is text visible within the word “Draft”).
It is likely that the printer driver being used is not compatible with Adobe Acrobat. The drivers available for these types of laser printers (which are limited to Hewlett Packard at this time) are:
- PCL5 (will work);
- PCL5(E) (will work);
- PCL6 (will print incorrectly); and
- PS drivers (will work only if the printer can support postscript language level three. In the print dialogue box, under post script options, select “Language Level 3”. If it does not print,it means that the printer is not capable of taking this kind of driver. Switch to a PCL5 driver).
If you are unsure how to proceed or check these settings, please call Lawyer DoneDeal Corp. at 1-800-363-2253.

When opening Adobe Acrobat to print a policy, I get an error message stating “error opening doc, file does not exist.”
1. Ensure that you do not have “Save encrypted pages to disk” checked off, as follows:
- In Internet Explorer, go to “Tools” and choose “Internet Options”;
- Click on the “Advanced” tab; and
- Scroll down to locate the “Do not save encrypted pages to disk” option and ensure that it is not checked off.
2. Remove all temporary files from Internet Explorer, as follows:
- Go to Tools, Internet Options, General tab and click “Delete Files”;
- Click “Delete all Offline Content” and click “OK”;
- Click “Clear History” and click “OK”;
- If you are using Internet Explorer version 6.0, click “Delete Cookies” and click “OK,” then try to obtain/print the document again.
3. If neither option works, you might need to uninstall Adobe Acrobat and go to acrobat/ to download the current version.

When I print a document from, the computer hangs or crashes.
Go to File and click on Page Setup. Change your margins to the following:
- Left: 5
- Right: 3
- Top: 5
- Bottom: 4
Also, confirm that the “Orientation” is “Portrait”.

I am selecting an item to print, but nothing is happening. The document does not even come on the screen.
Go to Tools, Internet Options, then click on the Advanced tab and scroll down to the “Do not save encrypted pages to disk” option. Confirm that there is no check mark beside “Do not save encrypted pages to disk”.

When I print documents, especially those with the “DRAFT” watermark, it takes an extremely long time.
Note the following items that you are using:
. Operating System (e.g., Windows XP)
. Printer model
. Printer driver
Call LawyerDoneDeal Corp. at 1-800-363-2253.

When I try to print, nothing comes out of the printer.
- Make sure that the printer is turned on and the wires are properly connected.
- Make sure you do not have a paper jam and the printer is not out of paper.
- Try to print from another program.

I am having difficulty printing .pdf files.
- Check the Adobe printer help page at techdocs/316508.html
- As the information on this Web page is detailed and fairly technical, you may wish to consult your computer support person.

When I try to open my TitlePLUS documents, I get a message stating:
“Incomplete document! Please review and print after obtaining Pre-Approval from TitlePLUS. A Sample of this document is accessible from the Main Page of, under the heading “Documents/View Generic Documents.”
The system will not allow you to produce any documents related to a policy until that policy has been pre-approved. We will send you a fax advising you once your policy has been pre-approved, so that you may go back into it and print your documents. Generally, your policy should be pre-approved within 24 hours.

I am unable to print Schedule “A” or any .pdf files.
In Internet Explorer, go to Tools, then choose Internet Options. In the middle of the General tab is the Temporary Internet Files Section. In this section, click on “Delete Files…” then click OK.

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